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ACG NYC Alumni Gathering Recap with the support of Bonello Athens

What an incredible evening of inspiration and connection at Mr. George Logothetis's, the Executive Chairman of Libra Group NYC home!

 More than 60 ACG alumni, along with Libra Group staff and interns, came together for a special night filled with meaningful conversations and insights on the 16th of April 2024.

From ACG President David G. Horner's enlightening welcome to Mr. Logothetis's empowering words on Greek values and American opportunity, every moment was a testament to the power of community and heritage.

ACG NYC Alumni Gathering Recap, Bonello Athens

The highlight? A captivating fireside chat between Mr. Logothetis and surprise guest General Andrew P. Poppas, delving into themes of leadership and the importance of knowing our history.

As General Poppas shared his father's timeless wisdom and Mr. Logothetis recounted his grandmother's resilience, we were reminded of the enduring strength found in our roots.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for this unforgettable evening and, of course, to Eleni Blouchou (Deree ’93), Bonello Athens Marketing & Communications, and Ktima Zafeirakis for providing excellent Greek wines for tasting and serving for the evening!

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