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International Product Placement & Promotion Program of "Greek Women Winemakers"

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Created and executed by Bonello Athens

The Projection and Promotion Program in third countries for Greek Women Winemakers (Achaion Winery, Bosinakis Winery and Rouvalis Winery) the idea, the creation of the program, the submission and the execution around the world, was carried out by Bonello Athens.

Bonello Athens, utilising its long experience in the field of wine as well as in the creation and execution of Community Programs, composed and undertook to execute, a flexible and representative cooperation proposal aimed at promoting the three wineries in foreign markets. The specific program is based on the innovative and rejuvenating spirit in wine production through the female gaze.

Through this collaboration, women's entrepreneurship in the field of wine is targeted and effectively displayed in the markets of the USA, Canada as well as in the United Kingdom, its excellent results through the intensive and structured effort carried out by the three participating wineries as well as the special area where they are located and of course the excellent wines that are produced.

The Program is carried out by the European Union within the framework of the Wine COM and includes a series of activities and, among other things, trips to and from the promotion countries, lunches/dinners and tastings with participating industry experts in each country from which it is carried out.

The Program, is subsidised by the European Union and includes tastings, dinners with local wine experts, as well as a series of promotional actions aimed at introducing to the public the winery as well as to the particularities and advantages of the wine region in which the winery is located.

Bonello Athens applies its long experience in the execution of European Wine Programs as well as its extensive network of partners in the target countries for the implementation of the projects

while it designs and executes, International Product Placement and Promotion Programs around the world.

It has already designed and is executing on behalf of its clients, Programs in the markets of USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia / New Zealand, Germany, Israel, Panama and China.

Bonello Athens also has designed the Programs for a series of clients for other markets like Norway and Swiss, too.

The International Product Placement and Promotion Programs include introduction of products in the foreign target market, product placement and promotional actions above and below the line, and aim specifically to:

  • create a positive image for the selected products and establish them in the target markets as quality products

  • inform professionals and consumers about the quality potential not only of the selected products but also of Greek production in the region

  • improve the awareness of the products in the target markets

  • increase the preference of specific wine products

  • the higher penetration and further increase of market shares of the winery or wineries

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