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Strofilia's 2022 Summer Party #MaziMeStrofilia

The summer event organized on behalf of Strofilia Wines by Bonello Athens

With great fun and the presence of a large number of visitors, the summer party of Strofilia Wines, Kalokairi #mazimestrofilia, was held on Saturday, June 25, in Anavyssos, the now established annual event of the winery.

In an evening full of surprises, the guests had the opportunity to enjoy wines from Attica and the Peloponnese and get to know the new label of the Rare Earths series "Cara Sauvignon Blanc".

The event was attended by, among others, businessmen, politicians, journalists, presenters, and a multitude of wine lovers.

Under the sounds of disco, rock, rock'n roll, fusion & funk music, they tried authentic American bbq, street food flavors from the Po' Boys, while the sweets and ice creams were prepared by KONSTANTINIDIS Confectioneries!

Intrepid wine lovers had the opportunity to sharpen their tasting skills through a blind tasting of Strofilia wines and participate in a "Find the Variety" competition, while photography and social media enthusiasts competed to stand out with the "most famous photo of the night" in the "#Caramia" contest winning unique wine gifts."

The party continued with undiminished enthusiasm, fun and dancing until late with the promise to renew our date for next year!

About Strofilia Wines

Having at its disposal more than 500 acres of privately owned, leased and cooperative vineyards in the Peloponnese and Attica, and with wineries in Anavyssos and Nemea, Strofilia ranks among the most dynamic and outgoing Greek wine companies.

Strofilia was founded in 1980 by Yiannis Maltezos and Achilleas Lampsidis, thus creating one of the most charming stories of the new era of quality Greek wine. The two friends decided to create a series of quality wines from Greek and international varieties mainly wanting to satisfy their own inner quests.

In 1985, they founded the first wine bar in Greece in the center of Athens, showing in practice that they are about 25 years ahead of their time. The success was and still is resounding, with the next generation slowly taking the reins and offering wines capable of impressing discerning wine lovers as well as unpretentious consumers.

Strofilia Winery,

Patitiria, Anavyssos (Chalkidikis Str., on the way to Keratea)

Tel : 22910 41650 και 6944052851

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